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Chantal von Tayn

Chantal von Tayn is a young versatile juggler. After graduating in 2011 at 'Die Etage’, a state-approved school for performing arts in Berlin, she has put on performances of her solo juggling act as well as in cooperations with other artists.

Her speciality is the juggling with up to seven balls, dancing with the balls floating lovingly in the air, or even being juggled by her feet in a unique variation. In addition, she offers stunning fire shows and a playful juggling with hats and trick roping or clubs.

Whether it be a circus performance, a variety show or private festivities. "audiences will be delighted and enthralled by Chantal’s charming performance"

Fire shows

Almost magic: The dangerous playing with fire. Chantal delivers a varied programme of entertaining with fire eating, fire breathing, body fire, torch juggling, glowballs and fire fan dancing.

You can find all information about my fire shows on a separate website.


Ball juggling

Hat juggling

Club juggling

Ball juggling

"Gentlewoman" is a modern dancing act of juggling with up to six balls, being tossed and caught by hands and, as a unique speciality, by feet.

Big impressions alternate with subtle tender details, vivacious passages with dreamy scenes. Full of enthusiasm, this dynamic performance impresses with its gracefulness and elegance.

Hat juggling

Chantal, the crazy hat juggler, presents a wild juggling session. Very funky and always a lot of fun!

Club juggling


Circus and Dinnershows

Circus Olympia - Tounée Schweiz
Circus Eigenart - Deutschland
Circus Baroness - Tournée Deutschland
Theater zum Essen - Kulturinsel Einsiedel, Neißeaue
Dinnershow Madhi - Berlin

Varieté and Festival

Muskat Festival - Mascat, Oman
Circa Festival - Auch, Frankreich
ViaThea internationales Straßentheaterfestival - Görlitz
Folklorum - Neißeaue
ZirCouplet Shake - Berlin
Fusion Festival
Am Ende der Wald Festival - Biesenthal
Jubiläum Circolino Pipistrello - Rikon, Schweiz
Varieté auf dem Anti-Atom-Camp - Alexanderplatz Berlin

Galas, Company parties, Promotion and more

Raiffeisen – Merten, Schweiz
Komax – Dierikon, Schweiz
Gewerbeausstellung Möga Circus - Möhlin, Schweiz
Einkaufszentrum Muskat City Centre - Oman
Stadtwerke Münster
BSN medical, Bad Lauterberg/Harz
Gamma Bau AG, Schweiz
Belfa AG,Schweiz
Einkaufzentrum Forum Steglitz